10 Amazing SEO Tools You Must Try

SEO Tools You Must Try The world of digital marketing is very dynamic – older tools are losing relevance and more prudent newer ones are replacing them quickly.

This goes the same for SEO since new and technically advanced SEO tools are opening up new opportunities. However, finding appropriate SEO tools is as challenging as applying those tools in the apprehension of sure-shot results.

In many occasions, SEO professionals get confused which one to apply with a precise target in mind since there are a number of options available. With these things to consider, here are some of the effective and time-tested SEO tools that will surely astound the market in 2018.


10 Amazing SEO Tools You Must Try

Ahrefs is a keyword explorer tool that is well-known for its simple UI and wide features. Ahrefs can provide thousands of keyword suggestions since it entails over 3 million keywords. It also offers the following:

  •         Clicks Metrics
  •         Keyword Difficulty score
  •         Advanced Metrics
  •         Search volume estimation

Although there are various other research tools for having intensive SEO work, Ahrefs follows the trends of more than 100 countries which makes it really a dynamic one in this sector.

Plus, it has a free and premium versions which only means that it is truly accessible to beginners and experts that wants to utilize it.

Google Keyword Planner

10 Amazing SEO Tools You Must Try

Google Keyword Planner is a free tool that is part of Google AdWords. Since Google is undeniably the largest search engine on the Internet.

Google Keyword Planner can provide its users a myriad of dynamic keyword suggestions. There are other interesting features that this tool has, which are the following:

  •         Time-specific keyword suggestions and volume estimation
  •         Keyword mobile searches
  •        Location-based monthly searches on different devices
  •         Graphical comparison of different time periods

With these things being said, Google Keyword Planner is the perfect SEO tool for keyword research from different perspectives.


10 Amazing SEO Tools You Must Try

This is another efficient keyword research tool for SEO experts. LongTailPro is a cloud-based SEO tool that helps in finding target-oriented and profitable keywords. This is a perfect SEO tool with several highly effective features like:

  •       Keyword competitiveness score that determines the difficulty level a keyword may face in getting first-page ranking in Google
  •        Use of metrics for determining page strength, domain strength, and indexed URLs, etc.
  •        Real-time filtering on different parameters like local searches, keyword competitiveness, etc.
  •         Checking keyword competitiveness
  •         Finding availability of domain names and also helps to find keyword-rich domain names even for micro-niches

There are dozens of other features in LongTailPro that ultimately helps users to research and apply keywords in the most authentic ways.


10 Amazing SEO Tools You Must Try

Gtmetrix is an effective tool in analyzing the speed of a website and also provides support to make the website work faster. It is a free SEO tool with several features, such as:

  •         The SEO tool can be auto-scheduled to monitor a page daily, weekly, or monthly
  •         Its several features like PageSpeed, YSlow score, Page Size monitoring, Page load time, etc. can be scheduled to alert the website owner through mails in case of any discrepancy
  •         Testing the page performance in 12 servers from 7 different regions of the world is possible with Gtmetrix

Plus, with the help of Developer Toolkit and Video Capture to aid you to view the loading page performance both on PC and on mobile, you can definitely make the most of this SEO tool.

Google Analytics

10 Amazing SEO Tools You Must Try

Needless to say, anything tagged with the brand name “Google” provides extraordinary and different services to its users. Google Analytics belongs to that category.

It is basically a visitor data analyzer for a website and it is free of charge. It has many features to accurately analyze the nature of the traffic and different aspects related to them. Some of the distinctive utilities of Google analytics are as follows:

  •         It can provide the performance report of different SEO campaigns
  •        It can nicely analyze a user’s activity including website conversions
  •         It can fetch visitors’ demographic data
  •        It can follow a visitor’s activity in a website step-by-step

Google analytics has several other features, which are all meant to make your website traffic analysis more dynamic and seamless.


10 Amazing SEO Tools You Must Try

Woorank is highly efficient in instant website reviewing and reporting. This active SEO tool has both free and premium versions, which are inclusive of the following features:

  •        It can provide an in-depth review of any website since the user can track the present status of the website in real-time. Here the user can get help in improving the online visibility of the website through SEO, track the weaker areas, and get recommendations for fixing the issues.
  •        The tool can provide a comparative analysis of the nearest market competitors.
  •        The Marketing Checklist is an effective tool for managing a priority-based list of tasks that help in understanding tasks according to their priority.

Additionally, this SEO tool provides social ranking checker, local performance review, user-friendliness review, and the like which are important tools for making a website more traffic-bound.


10 Amazing SEO Tools You Must Try

As far as plagiarism detection is concerned, Copyscape is unmatched in the market. It has both free and paid versions.

The free version can be used for plagiarism checking while the premium version comes with lots of other features.

It can even check a whole webpage at one go. Apart from plagiarism detection, two other important features of Copyscape include the following:

  •        Copysentry – automatically detects who are using your web content
  •        Copyscape Premium API – it integrates Copyscape Premium with the website to detect plagiarism as soon as a new content is included on the website

Moreover, one good feature of Copyscape is that when applied properly, Copyscape keeps a web content or blog really unique on the internet.

Google Search Console

10 Amazing SEO Tools You Must Try

Google Search Console is a free online tool for understanding how a newly launched website is performing on Google’s search engine.

It can closely monitor the most important aspects of a website performance like how Google indexes, crawls, and analyzes a website.

Some of the most important features of Google Search Console are:

  •         It can check crawl error reports on a periodic basis.
  •         Application of search analytics that ultimately provides a report on clicks, rankings, impressions, and the like. It also provides suggestions on organic keywords and how to obtain organic traffic in the search engine.
  •        The feature HTML improvements helps to improve SERP with the help of several related tools.

Screaming Frog

10 Amazing SEO Tools You Must Try

Screaming Frog is one of the best comprehensive website performance analyzers for SEO professionals.

It can surely check a website from several parameters and analyze reasons behind its poor performance. Here are its other useful features:

  •         Checking the easiness of URLs in a website
  •         Availing the backlink metrics for getting a list of current clients, prospective clients, etc.
  •         Searching some specific code or text in a site with ten dynamic filters
  •        Crawling the root domain or sub-domains of a website

Link Miner

10 Amazing SEO Tools You Must Try

Link Miner is a useful SEO tool for broken link building and decision making that is free for everyone to use.

The user of Link Miner can provide a complete information of a broken link and retrieve data on DA and PA, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and backlinks from other SEO tools like Ahrefs, Majestic, Moz, etc.

There are other similar tools like Link Miner but they are a bit different from this one. Link Miner can provide a complete solution on broken links that enables users to take a decision on what to do next.

Key Takeaway

10 Amazing SEO Tools You Must Try

These are the top-ranked, interactive, free, and affordable SEO tools for everyone. Beginners and professionals in the digital marketing industry will definitely find them applicable in almost every online business environment.

Their benefits are immense and they are not at all complicated, which in turn, could definitely provide only the best results to their clients.

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