Jupyter Server Design and Roadmap Workshop

We have some exciting news to share regarding the Jupyter Server Design and Roadmap Workshop as part of the Jupyter Community Workshop seriesfunded by Bloomberg. This workshop will take place May 16th and 17th just outside Paris France at the IBM facility in Bois-Colombes.

Jupyter Notebook has proven to be a tremendous tool in the scientific and analytic computing spaces. It is widely used at universities and businesses alike, enabling the ability to interactively analyze and view data in various ways, quickly and easily.

However, as computational capabilities improve, the need to move Notebook kernels closer to the compute resources also increases. As a result, new requirements for how a given solution is configured and deployed are introduced.

The Jupyter Server Design and Roadmap Workshop will focus on how we can bring together what has been learned over the years to address the needs of future environments, while clearly defining the separation between client and server.

Items that will be discussed include:

1. What aspects of the current Jupyter Notebook framework should be considered as “the server”?

2. How will extensions be exposed and consumed?

3. Backwards compatibility is important. How can we move forward while retaining current capabilities?

4. How can we introduce the ability for others to provide kernel-deployment frameworks of their own and how those frameworks are discovered?

5. Basic improvements that bring the server up to date (e.g., async/await — particularly in kernel life-cycle management)

6. General multi-tenancy capabilities will be explored such that the server can serve more than just a single client.

7. How to convey kernel-specific parameters from the client, thru the server, to the kernel launch framework?

Should you be interested in joining us for this workshop, please fill out this Google Form. Space is limited.


We’d like to acknowledge Bloomberg for their generous support in making this workshop, and the entire series, possible. Thank you!

We’d also like to thankIBM for providing the facility and hosting the Jupyter Server Design and Roadmap Workshop.

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